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Wonderlust Eternity Clitoral Stimulator

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Eternity Clitoral Stimulator by Wonderlust

Wonderlust Eternity is a new way to experience the sought after features of high-end luxury products in a more affordable way. Superior engineering, Wonderlust is able to provide intense vibrations, water-resistant features, seductive shapes and beautiful colours opening the doors of pleasure for anyone.

Special Features

Clitoral Stimulator, Clitoral Stimulation, 20 Rotating Modes, Incremental Speed Control, Water-Resistant, LED Controls, Rechargeable

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Wonderlust Eternity Vibrator

The Wonderlust Eternity is a clitoral vibrator and is designed for endless enjoyment. If you crave the feeling of a lover’s oral embrace, the Eternity provides a rotating set of petals that will keep flicking and licking as long as you desire.

With 20 functions of rotations to choose from including different constant speeds, the Eternity is controlled using 2 buttons on the firm handle. Play anytime, anywhere with the rechargeable features of this toy.

Quickly press the button twice to save the current function to the vibrator’s memory. When it is turned on again at any time, it will automatically start on the saved function. Note that the memory will be cleared when the vibrator is locked.

What sets the Wonderlust wireless Eternity stimulator apart is that it’s rechargeable via USB cable, which solves the never ending dilemma of searching for batteries. Eternity is water-resistant for use almost anywhere you feel.

Eternity Vibrator Features

  • Soft-Touch hypoallergenic silicone
  • 20 Functions
  • Incremental Speed Control
  • Water-Resistant
  • USB rechargeable with travel lock
  • Favourite Function Memory

BMS Factory Rechargeable Wonderlust Eternity Clitoral Vibrator

Discover why this Rechargeable Eternity Clitoral Vibrator from the Wonderlust Collection by Canadian designed BMS Factory are a leading brand, with this wonderful clitoral stimulator. Fantastic features and excellent specs makes this the perfect choice for self or as a gift.


Pink, Purple, Blue


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